It is really important that your child attends school regularly and it is vital that we work together to ensure that your child arrives on time, every day.

If your child has an appointment to attend during school time e.g. doctor, dentist, we will now need proof (a letter or text confirming the appointment) when you collect your child. Otherwise, this will be put down as an unauthorised absence on your child’s record.

If your child’s attendance goes below 90%, we do have to report this to the Educational Welfare officer and you could receive a fine.


Celebrating Attendance

Each week we will be recording the attendance of every class in school. The attendance % will then be recorded on each class' door. The class with the highest attendance will be celebrated during Monday's worship.

Additionally, there will be stickers and certificates for those children who have maintained 100% attendance for a half term and term.

Those children who attend school for a whole year will receive a special prize at the end of academic year.

In order to receive your attendance mark, you must arrive to school on time.
If you arrive to school after 8.55am then you will be recorded as late on the register and will need to come into School via the Office.


We are really looking forward to celebrating the wonderful attendance of the children at Christ Church!


How high is our Attendance?

Each week we will record the highest attending class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Autumn Term 2017

week beginning 3rd September 2018: KS1 - Mrs Allister's Rec class, Mrs Dawson's Rec class & Mrs Pennock's Y2 class
KS2 - Mr Tilt's Y5 class

week beginning 10th September 2018: KS1 - Mrs Pennock's Y2 class  KS2 - Miss Cartwright's Y6 class