Our Mission

At Christ Church Primary School, we aim to establish a sporting culture that enables and encourages all children to play and enjoy sport.


A PE action plan has been implemented to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increased participation, so that all pupils develop healthy and active lifestyles.

Christ Church is proud of the sport that we offer; both in PE and Games lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Every child takes part in at least 2 hours of physical activity each week. This is either in PE lessons in the hall or a Games  lesson outside. Over their time at Christ Church children will have experienced various sports and gained many skills.


Sports Premium Funding

This year, schools have been allocated extra funding to support the PE and sport provision.

'Funding will need to be used in a way that makes high quality PE and sport sustainable, and embeds it within school life.'
Government 2013

Because of this, we have looked carefully at the provision that we currently provide in both lessons and the extra curricular opportunities, along with the needs of the children in our school. Therefore, so that we further enhance our curriculum and the  children continue to be engaged and excited in their learning, we have decided to spend the extra funding on specific sport resources and training.


PE Action Plan

Action                                                              Impact                                                                    Cost

Penned area re-developed to create the               High fences and artificial turf have created a                £23, 500 (£15, 000

CSC (Christchurch Sports Centre).                       safe environment for children to participate in                additional funding)       

   PE lessons and after school clubs. Early years

   have  a safe environment to access physical

   play and access to physical activity can now

   be provided year round.


After school sports clubs provided by                Opportunities given to all children to participate in           £5, 160

Aspire coaching.                                            sport. Allows children to access a wider range of

                                                                   clubs. A Paralympic legacy club has been delivered

      to continue children's interest in these sports following

a successful sporting day in previous year.

New PE equipment ordered  and used             Gives children necessary equipment to participate in         £1 - 2000

                                                                    sport in school. Children to use new equipment in CSC.

Enrichment days implemented in school           Gives all children experience of new sports and opportunity  £650

                                                                   to participate outside of school

PE co-ordinator to receive training                  Allows maximum possibility for PE to be improved in             £1,200

                                                                  school, broadening the range and depth of which PE

      is taught.    

Curriculum support for teachers in PE            Ensuring all teachers are well-trained and ensuring children      Termly - £1000

                                                                 maximise their potential in PE. Dance and gymnastics

    targeted as key areas where training of staff could help

     maximise children's experience in PE.

Teaching resources purchased to aid             The core tasks, supplied by AfPE (Association for PE),                  £800

lessons.                                                      have been purchased. These will provide excellent progression

    steps that will ensure coverage and enjoyment across the PE



Community Links

We are very lucky to have great links with local clubs. From the enjoyment of PE in school, many children go on to join local teams and clubs in a number of sports, such as: Hockey, Football, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby and Tennis.

 For the last few years we are pleased to have gained such strong links with Aston Villa Football Club. Children across all year groups receive football coaching throughout the year and we offer an after school club that is run by coaches from the club. We are also very proud to have had a number of children who have gone on to be signed by the club!


 What do children at Christ Church think of their PE lessons?

When asked what Rhys (Year 2) enjoys about PE, he said, "I enjoy the warm-ups and the games as it makes me get better and fitter.

"I loved athletics because it made me ready for sports day." Chloe (Year 4)

“I think I have made a lot of progress in PE this year; I have improved my skills."  Lily (Year 5)

“I have participated in the swimming gala and a football match. It was good to be competitive and represent the school.” Toby (Year 5)

“I learnt new skills in cricket and enjoyed playing with my friends." Oliver (Year 4)

“Multi-skills was excellent. I enjoyed hula-hooping with the girls and enjoyed learning about basketball." Bethan (Year 2)


 Sport Clubs at Christ Church

We offer a number of sports clubs for children in all years. The clubs depend on the time of year. Some of the clubs that we offer include:

Hockey – This is an opportunity for Key Stage 2 children to learn and develop the basic skills. We aim to enter a hockey tournament each year at Lichfield Hockey Club.

Football – We have been fortunate to have a coach from Aston Villa to deliver this training for children in Year 5 and 6. There are regular matches and tournaments that we take part in.

Netball– This is a club for both boys and girls in Year 4, 5 and 6. The children have weekly training sessions and compete in a number of tournaments and matches.

Cross Country– This is for children in Year 5 and 6. The children go out weekly and compete in a number of local tournaments.

TagRugby – A weekly club for children in Key Stage 2. This club is lead by a local coach who aims to teach the children the basic skills of the sport. We aim to enter a tournament each year.

Tennis– This club is for children in Year 2 and 3 and is an introduction to the basic skills required for the sport.

Rounders– This is a club for Key Stage 2 children. The children learn the skills of the sport and participate in a tournament towards the end of the summer term.

Athletics– This club is available in the Summer term for all key stage 2 children. It is an opportunity for children to explore different areas of Athletics and have the chance to be entered into a county tournament.

Other after-school clubs have included:




Extreme sports

Ultimate frisbee

Garden bowls



Paralympic legacy club


During 2015-2016, Christ Church children competed and achieved in many sports tournaments:

Football – Winners of the district competition and third place in the wider district finals

             - Semi finals in the Aston Villa inter school sport competition for West Midlands

 Cross country – winners of the cluster cross country race – individually and as a team


Tag Rugby – semi finals in cluster for boys


Other competition – netball, swimming, girls tag-rugby, tennis.



Children have already competed in two football tournaments, finishing as runners-up in each.

Children have competed in a sports hall athletics tournament where they participated in a range of running, throwing and jumping activities.