Welcome To Year 4

 from Mrs Benniston and Miss Binns

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January 2019





 Year 4 will have swimming on a Thursday and indoor PE on a Tuesday. Please make sure you have the correct kit in school.


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Maths Workshop PowerPoint/hand out.

Maths workshop July 2018

Welcome to Year 4 2018


Open Afternoons

2:15pm to 3pm

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Thursday 4th July 2019




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Year 4 Privileges

Read in the book corner

Work at the teacher’s desk

Sit next to a friend for a lesson

10 minutes on the iPad/laptop on a Friday

Bring in a teddy bear

Teach a lesson for 15 minutes

Go to lunch early with a friend

Bring slippers to wear in school

Our Big Question Curriculum

Big Question

Autumn Term

Were The Tudors really terrible?

Pyjama Day

We all had lots of fun wearing our pyjamas at school - we all managed to stay awake too!


Church Worship

During our church worship the children displayed many of the school values and they were all rewarded with a value token each off Mr Hindley and also from Mrs Pilmore. That made 62 tokens in total! Mrs Benniston and Miss Binns are extremely proud of all of the children in year 4.



The children have been exploring their performing skills using a range of performance poetry and then creating their own.



Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to come into school to work with their children at our inspire workshops.  




During our Science lessons we have been exploring types of circuits and investigating conductors and insulators.  


Sentence Building

The children have been exploring sentences by building them up using different word groups and conjunctions.


Teach a lesson

For a privilege the children may teach a lesson, we have been taught how to draw minions and monsters, drama and singing. Some children have even become teachers during our Maths lessons.



Some children in the year group shared their musical talents during our music lessons.




The children explored static electricity using balloons. They thought about how electricity moves and how things are charged.



Battle of Bosworth

We recreated the main events from the battle which took place in Leicester. We took on the roles of the main armies including Henry Tudor and King Richard.      


In PE we have been dancing to Ghostbusters and developing our own choreography.



Tudor Blind Date

Which wife would you choose?