Welcome To Year 2

 from Mrs Pennock and Miss Binns

The teaching assistant in Year 2 is Mrs Smith.



We have Outdoor Games on a Tuesday afternoon and indoor P.E. on a Friday morning. Please make sure you have the correct kit.

Reading books will be changed and given out on a Thursday.


October 2017

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Welcome to Year 2 letter

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 Our Autumn Term Big Question is:

Who changed the world?


This half-term we have been really excited to start learning about key people who have changed history.


Isambard Kingdom Brunel

This week we found out about Brunel and all of the brilliant things he has designed. Did you know that he built the Great Western Railway all the way from Bristol to London? 

We really enjoyed finding out about how he changed the world of travel. We even had a go at being engineers and designed our own suspension bridges!



Neil Armstrong

Last week we learnt all about Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 mission to the moon. 

 We designed our own rockets and wrote our own newspaper reports about the special event.




We've had a brilliant start to Year 2. This week we read Stuck by Oliver Jeffers and made our own kites. We had a great time flying them on our playground.